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Repurposed Content: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Media companies often overlook one of the easiest wins in content marketing.

When clients are looking to develop new content marketing campaigns, a lot of times the price point can detour some from working with media companies on developing new content or even developing content on their own. Often times, not only do our clients overlook the value in reusing content, but several media companies do as well. Repurposing content either developed by the client or on the client’s behalf can be some of the easiest wins for any media company.

Clients in the B2B world are often times industry experts and the content that they create is extremely valuable, if educational in nature. Identifying with our clients what content they already have produced and working with them to reuse it with the target audiences can help boost or even be the center point of a content campaign with us (the media company).

Aaron Agius from HubSpot hits the nail on the head when he says that when you first publish a piece of content, the performance might be average. However, over time, it gains traction and does a little better. When you repurpose that content in a new format and/or update it, you can reach new audience segments that otherwise may never have seen it.

Agius also gives some fantastic examples of ways leading industry experts in content marketing have repurposed content — including the Godfather of Content Marketing, Joe Pulizzi, as well as digital marketing consultants Jay Baer and Mathew Barby — that can provide inspiration for working with clients on new and creative ideas around content.

One example of repurposing content is taking a static PDF white paper and then creating an interactive microsite with WordPress (small on hard costs). The content is exactly the same, but the presentation is completely different. The white paper could be something the client had created and was promoting to their database, but can now be used in a different way to be promoted to the target segment within the media company’s audience.

This is not only great for the client on getting additional exposure but it becomes a valuable new asset for the media brand as well. A good old “win-win” situation, with the added bonus that the content development costs and time were virtually zero.

My gift to you this holiday season is this list from ThriveHive of 12 awesome benefits of repurposing content for your clients and even for your own companies:

1. Enables You to Achieve Multiple Goals 2. Gives You a Chance to Redeem Less Successful Content 3. Helps You to Reach New Audience Members 4. Expands Your Reach 5. Diversifies Your Content 6. Enables You to Target Buying Stage 7. Maximizes Time and Effort 8. Increases Your Online Presence 9. Improves Your SEO 10. Provides More Backlink Opportuities 11. Strengthens Your Messaging

12. Enhances Your Knowledge and Skill Set

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” – Charles Dickens

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